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Do you need to learn a language for professional or personal reasons? Are you tired of trying to learn English, Spanish or French for years and still can't speak? Have you tried language Apps and teaching platforms still don't get results?

Then we have the solution for you!

We have the best online teachers and we specialize in three core languages: Spanish, English and French because we believe in quality over quantity and make sure we hire only the best professionals.

We use Skype or Zoom for dynamic and productive classes when and where you want.

We use our learning platform in order to give you daily practice. Our goals are to teach you to love, understand and speak the language.

Together with motivation from our exclusive Lang Coach™ system we guarantee to have you speaking in no time!

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Latest news


Spanish Language Increases Its Worldwide Influence

Repost from the website #ThisIsTheRealSpain The Spanish language is becoming more and more popular and not just because it is the second most spoken language in the world in terms of native speakers, with 483 million Spanish speakers in more than 30 countries, according to ‘Ethnologue, Languages of the World’. […]

Finding your Language Learning Motivation

Do you ever feel like you have reached a point in your language learning where you are not advancing? Or maybe you feel a bit of boredom and overall dissatisfaction and decide it is best to quit? This might be that you are hitting a learner´s Plateau. As Donovan Nagel […]

China chooses Spanish

The Chinese Education authorities have added Spanish as part of the High School curriculum for foreing languages, joining English, Japanese and Russian in this category. According to Chinese official sources, there are currently 14000 students of Spanish as a foreign language in Chinese universities, and this number is expected to […]

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  • Monica C
    Highly recommended!!! Great teaching professionals, native teachers, fun classes and the level of teaching is excellent! I give it a 10!
    Monica C
  • Anonymous
    My learning goals before moving to a new overseas job were met and I continue to improve with my teacher!
  • AC
    My teacher was very knowledgeable and fun! I absolutely recommed this academy.
  • Emi Chan
    I wasn't sure about learning online, but after trying Language Zone, I can say that the quality of teaching and their commitment with the student  is the perfect  formula for success.
    Emi Chan

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