English Full Course

English Full Course

A 20- hour course to have you speaking English in no time

Learn English from the best!

Our 18 year experience teaching languages has shown us that the best way to learn a new language are: goal setting, exposure and motivation. 
With our engaging, and fun live lessons with the best native teachers our students become and stay motivated!
Additionally, we offer our online practice material, plus our exclusive Lang Coach™ system, where students get the exposure and motivation they need. 
We also adapt to your timetable. You can choose from these options:
In two weeks: 2 hours live classes for 5 days a week 
In one Month:  2 and a half hour live classes for 2 days a week
In two Months: 2 and a half hour  live classes for 1 day a week
Here´s what you get:

* 20 hours of a dedicated one to one live lesson with a native English teacher.

* Access to our plaform with follow- up and extra activities for daily practice.

* Daily motivation and support from our exclusive Lang Coach™ system.

* You can decide the pace of the course depending on your schedule!

* You can also reschedule your class and we will save the paid credit hour so you don´t miss a thing*

Once you have booked your course:
  1. You will receive an email with the course selected and a link to test your level. Based on your schedule and teacher availability, you can agree on a schedule that suits you.

  2. You will also receive access to our platform which you can use from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

  3. When it´s time for your classes, we will send you and a Skype or Zoom link so you can connect to your live class.

  4. Remember that after the sessions, you can log in our platform in order to complete a follow-up activity and review.

*Restrictions may apply. Please read our class cancellation policy

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