Spanish Language Increases Its Worldwide Influence

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Spanish Language Increases Its Worldwide Influence

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The Spanish language is becoming more and more popular and not just because it is the second most spoken language in the world in terms of native speakers, with 483 million Spanish speakers in more than 30 countries, according to ‘Ethnologue, Languages of the World’. It has also become the third most used language on the Internet, according to the figures from the ‘Internet World Stats’. Of the 4.2 billion internet users, 8.1% communicate in the language of Cervantes.​

In addition, it is one of the most popular languages for students to learn: almost 22 million people are choosing to learn Spanish in 110 countries , according to the report by El español, una lengua viva. Informe 2019, prepared by David Fernández Vítores, PHD in Spanish Language and Literature and professor at the University of Alcalá, and recently published by the Cervantes Institute.​

Among the countries that stand out in regard to learning Spanish, are the United States and Brazil (more than 12 million students between the two nations). Although in this list we can also find our European neighbors France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Germany (4.5 million altogether) and in other places such as the Ivory Coast, Benin and Senegal (1 million altogether).​

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