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English – Choose as you go

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  • Personalized training from our professional teachers
  • Constant motivation through our exclusive Lang Coach™ system
  • More practice through the use of our learning platform



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Personalized training from our professional native teachers completely adapted to your needs!

This includes 60 min. classes plus Lang Coaching™ and use of our learning platform.

You can try:

  • One (1)  hour  one to one class
  • Five (5) one hour one to one class
  • Ten (10) one hour one to one class

In YOUR preferred timetable.

Talk to us about your needs and interests and we guarantee an entertaining as well as productive class with all the tips, activities and reminders that will have you practicing on a regular basis, the real way to acquire a language. Remember, you can also request a Demo lesson!

We offer:

  • Live classes with native teachers plus daily practice on our platform
  • Motivation from our exclusive Lang Coach system.
  • Develop proficiency with real-world English at your level.
  • Initial and continuous assessment.
  • Online and delivered in a virtual classroom.
  • Conversation Immersion.
  • Tailored to your particular needs and interests.

Or, if do not where to start,  you can choose the English Full course and receive 20 hours of immersion classes in a fully prepared course where your teacher will guide you and help you realize your language goals!


One 60min. One to one lesson, Five 60 min. one to one lessons Offer, Ten- 60 min. one to one lessons Offer

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